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Story telling, story making, story living: bringing your values to life

Summer 2020 started with a mixture of impatient desire for payback and fear for what the following months would actually have in store for us. On the basis of these emotions, it seems that the majority of Italians opted for short journeys to rediscover the local beauties: a kind of holiday which is much the same as our fathers’, who “were just happy” to spend their holidays visiting their distant relatives, going for car trips or reading a good book under a beach umbrella. We believe that, after all, this might have been a good thing as slowdown, return to traditions and time spent with family can play a very important role in making us reappreciate our true essence and values, giving us the opportunity to literally see them in action and perhaps teaching us something useful about our jobs and our way of approaching the market! And that’s why… 

Business as (un)usual: facing the challenge of change

“Business as usual” is an American expression used to stress how in economics things are always expected to go on in spite of everything. Personally we have never agreed with this point of view: in business (as we intend it in Passodue) the concept of “usual” should not even exist, neither in good times nor during emergencies. In order to survive in modern markets, business models should adapt to the variation of situations and interlocutors. Therefore let’s try and seize this opportunity to make innovations and evolve: the only certainty in what we are experiencing is change.

The vindication of the (true) outsiders

Who are the (real) outsiders? We are wary of imitations and learn to recognize them through their ability to lead others, to give, to generate culture and paying close attention to gestures and words.

The most beautiful gift you have ever received

What exactly is this emotional bond that we establish with some objects and what characteristics do they have that produces it? Try to remember the presents you have received which have, in some way, left a mark in your life. When you are thinking of finding the right gift, do it with the desire to choose something that can potentially change the person who will receive it.

In praise of Christmas

by Alice Alessandri e Alberto Aleo It will be Christmas in a few days. Is this good or bad news? It depends on your point of view. For some people this is the most beautiful time of the year, while for…

Business re-evolution: interview with Niccolò Branca

by Alice Alessandri and Alberto Aleo Fernet-Branca is a household name in Italy, and widely appreciated abroad, but maybe not everyone knows that the Fratelli Branca Distillerie is one of Italy’s oldest family businesses. Present on the market since 1845, with…

Our present is the gift

by Alice Alessandri and Alberto Aleo The end of 2016 is approaching and our attention is split between a glance backwards, to assess the past season, and plans for the year ahead, with 12 months brand new months awaiting. But what…

The second step is always the hardest

by Alice Alessandri & Alberto Aleo We know you're used to hearing that the first step is the hardest - and not the second - but we want you to reconsider this cliché. When you’re about to start something new, whether it’s…

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