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Wording objectives correctly to achieve success

If worded correctly, objectives are like headlights that illuminate the road to success. That’s why we need to be very careful when we define them. Here are a few tips to do it correctly.

“Mean” boss? Here is our “user guide”

Management styles have been inspired by the metaphor, or even the model, of military organization for a long time, so having a “mean boss” isn’t as rare as one would think. If you are the “victims” of such a leader, read this post to find useful tips and tricks to manage your relationship with your boss.

An enquiry on the value of the customer

Customer targeting is one of the most strategic activities that can help you define objectives, plan and schedule activities, manage time effectively and, overall, achieve results. Let’s now discuss how to understand the nuances of customer value.

The 6 business trends of 2023

We would like you to approach the 6 trends that we think will characterise business this year. They represent our personal opinion on what awaits us.

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