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Our approach

The second step:
combine method with courage and passion

Who said it was the first step, and not the second, that is the most difficult? Our professional experience – and that of our lives – suggests that projects more frequently stumble immediately after a brilliant start. In fact, what happens is that at the outset a company is sustained by passion, courage and enthusiasm, but there comes a time when these three factors alone are not enough. Method, strategy, skills and competences must come to the rescue. Such tools cannot be improvised, instead they must be developed and practiced over time. Our job consists in accompanying you, your team and your company as you take the second step, from whence our name: Passodue. Our aim is to ensure that you, your initiatives you’re your ideas, are rewarded with the success they deserve.

Our approach has been developed thanks to decades of experience as managers and entrepreneurs and from collaboration with academics from renowned international universities and institutions, as well as our involvement in international debate through our participation at events and conferences focusing on business ethics. It is based on some fundamental concepts:


To achieve results you must act not alone but in a team. So it is useful to work at several levels of the organization: front line staff, coordinators, managers, entrepreneurs and anyone that has a direct relationship with the customer.


Revolutions come ‘from below’ and to be promoters of a change, we must first act ‘inside’ ourselves. For this reason, our work usually starts in the sales area, and then moves back to connect with all the business activities. We always try to value people before roles, knowing that the results depend on the values ​​we possess inside as well as on what moves us to act.


Our interventions are a mix of consultancy for training or training for consultancy. In fact, during a training session we do not maintain a purely theoretical approach but rather we deal with real cases, using data and situations that occur in the client company to practice acting concretely. During the consultations we avoid creating ‘dependency’ but ensure that our clients develop autonomy when using all the necessary tools, so they can move forward on their own.


Professional relationships do not exist, all relationships – regardless of whether they are in the private or work sphere – are, and remain, ‘human relationships’. This is why professional skills are not enough to achieve success, we also require human skills. We become successful managers, salespeople, entrepreneurs or leaders thanks to the right mix of talent that must be recognized and valued, and exercised with consistency and commitment.


Providing method does not mean creating a good user manual for every occasion. To evolve and achieve results, it is necessary for people to share the will to do so: no one will ever really change if they feel compelled to follow indications imposed by others. Hence, we have devised a method without giving rules. We teach our clients ‘what’ to do and ‘when’, but we work with them to discover the best and most coherent way to understand ‘how’ and ‘why’. Passodue will never give you set answers to the questions you ask, but will help you find your own answers: the only ones that count and can really help you.


The most correct actions, those that lead to the creation and exchange of true value, are based on knowledge. This means that we need to know how to listen and observe, to draw data from what we do that will help us to interpret reality without bias. This is why we guide our clients to only make any commercial, marketing or strategic decision, after completing a process of analysis and to develop competences and listening skills at every level.

“You know what you have to do,
when things feel wrong?
You change …

Alberto Moravia

Ethics form the base of everything we do in Passodue and the reason for the choice is very simple: respecting yourself and others strengthens bonds over time, increases the number of relationships, sustains reputation and makes us happy. Is this not what every enterprise wants? Loyal customers, positive word of mouth, an expanding network and brand strength are linked to ethics, which is why Business Ethics is today one of the most interesting trends in economics. And then, after all, the goal of the markets is to create well-being, a much broader and ‘human’ concept than profit alone!

Applied ethics in our work takes on various forms:

Ethical sales

Ethical Marketing

Ethical Leadership

Ethical Communication and Relations

There is a specific  approach to each of these areas. In our books and articles you will find information that will help you understand what we actually mean when using each of these terms, but if you really want to know and experience the ethical approach to business by directly verifying how effective and powerful it can be for your results, we suggest you visit the pages of our training and consultancy.

The future and success of enterprises and professionals will increasingly depend on the ability to unite humanity and method, talent and profession, analysis tools and instinct; it is necessary to remain perfectly at ease in ourselves at the crossroad that joins management techniques, experience and respect for the human being. Passodue addresses these issues to provide enterprises and professionals with a new, modern and socially responsible perspective on business and the economy.

Without happiness, there is no real success,
and you cannot succeed if you are not happy!

Albert Schweitzer

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