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Our consultancy services will help your company to create and manage tools and methods to sell more with higher margins and to ensure optimum market positioning with a clearly recognizable identity, allowing your team to obtain excellent results.
Whatever the size of your business, the market in which you operate and the challenges you face, we will be able to support you to find the most consistent way to achieve your goals. 


The Marketing Plan

Are you looking for the right strategy to make your project work better?

We will connect your goals to precise actions and marketing tools. We will analyze the profitability of the market in which you operate or wish to operate, studying your company’s positioning and its competitiveness. We will profile your customers to increase the effectiveness of your offer system and plan.

Mission and Vision creation

Are you trying to clearly define your company’s identity?

The most successful companies in modern markets are those with a clear identity, an innovative vision and an engaging mission that incorporates benefits for everyone.
We will guide you through the design of your Mission and Vision and help you to use them as differential elements to ensure success.


Budgeting and sales planning

Do you want to know how to define a sales plan?

We will divide the commercial activities according to your business goals, distinguishing between the search for new customers and management and recovery of the business relationship. We will analyze your customer portfolio, profiling it based on current and potential turnover. We will assign goals to your sales force, creating tools to monitor sales performance. We will make strategic choices on the distribution system and on pricing, studying the most suitable arguments to increase turnover and margins in the various markets.

Performance monitoring

Do you want to have full control of your business?

By collecting data and implementing verification tools we will understand how you can improve your sales team’s results.
We will compare your company’s performance with that of your best competitors, identifying their winning strategies and making reliable assumptions about the results you can achieve thanks to the suggested changes.

New business, finding prospects

Do you want to expand your customer base to seize more sales opportunities?

We will analyze together the best techniques to achieve this result, by reviewing the practices of your sales staff and strengthening these activities to identify prospects. We will learn how to use phone, email and social networks to form solid leads.

Commercial management and team management

Do you need to grow in terms of leadership and process organization?

We will work on delegation and team management skills, but also on the organization of your time and relationships. Together we will find the clearest and most effective procedures and methods for achieving results, helping you to motivate your sales staff.

"Engaging the Heart in Business"

Engaging the Heart in Business:
A Revolutionary Market Approach Based On Love
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri


How To Sell Effectively While Doing The Right Thing
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri


Tell us about the specific demands your company needs to meet or the area in which you wish to grow. Write to us for more details about us or our classes!


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