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Consultancy services

Our consultancy services will help your company to create and manage tools and methods to sell more with higher margins and to ensure optimum market positioning with a clearly recognizable identity, allowing your team to obtain excellent results.
Whatever the size of your business, the market in which you operate and the challenges you face, we will be able to support you to find the most consistent way to achieve your goals.

Strategy e Marketing

Developing A Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing plan

Our consultants will lead the company to the development of a detailed and complete marketing plan,
capable of guiding strategic choices and market activities.

Defining The Commercial Strategy

Defining the commercial strategy

This training project will guide you
to develop the commercial strategy
in a precise and efficient way,
in order to achieve the desired business results.

Co-design Through Design Thinking

Co-design through Design Thinking

Through a range of models, participants will be guided to express their creativity pursuing the set goals within an established time frame.

Commerce & Sales

New Business And Strategies

New business and strategies

Our consultants will lead the company to the development of a detailed commercial strategy, specifically designed and measured for the commissioning company, which will allow the achievement of very satisfactory business results.

Create A Service Of Company Contact Management

Create a service of company contact management

Our consultants will lead the company to the creation and the development of an internal office dedicated to remote customer management (by phone, e-mail, chat) aimed both at offering a personalized service and at finding new commercial opportunities in inbound and outbound

Individual Projects

Individual projects

One-to-one consultancies focused on discovering customers’ areas of improvement and on extending personal skills and resources. Below is a list of possible topics that can be developed according to the clients’ specific personal requirements.

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