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Ethical marketing

Marketing is considered increasingly transversal to all company functions; a language that every manager or employee – regardless of the role they play – must be able to speak, because in a company “everything and everyone sells” and in the eyes of the customer there can never be too much consistency.

Marketing involves different areas of knowledge, from highly technical knowledge based on statistical analysis and precise strategic tools, to that rooted in psychology and relationships and focusing on the study of people and their emotions. It is this combination of humanism and science that enables us to achieve a level of knowledge that can free hidden potential for ourselves and for our business.

In a series of articles dedicated to this topic, we talk about how marketing has been transformed in recent years and how to make its use functional, practical and applicable in our everyday work.

We will answer questions such as “Are the 4 Ps of the marketing mix still valid?”, “How does marketing help us understand the customer?”, “How do I position myself on the market and ensure recognizability?”

Here is a selection of articles that will help you find answers:

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