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The economic value of products and services plays a fundamental role in company strategies. Thanks to the price, in fact, we position our company on the market and we give a value to our offer, ensuring a healthy cycle of revenues and investments for our business. The effectiveness of a price, however, depends greatly on how it is communicated to the customer. If the monetary value of services and products is not presented effectively this may damage even the best marketing activities.

Price, therefore, plays a fundamental role in sales negotiations, especially in the current market situation which sees customers, who are incessantly targeted with proposals and offers, reacting with an attempt to gain maximum discounts and economic advantage.

Hence, over the years, we have tackled the topic of price frequently, suggesting how to build and present your price to customers, but also how to deal with the objection that your price “is too high” and manage requests for discount. Here is a selection of our most useful and interesting articles:

Price strategies in a changing market

What price should we set in a market we don’t know? Let’s try to get our bearings through this article.

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