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Passodue’s training paths are a product of our continuous research in Italy and US on the method of Sales ethics we have developed and applied to marketing, sales, leadership and, more generally, to the entire management of a company.

Each path is designed to develop both professional competences (strategies, procedures, methods) and human skills (relationships, communication, leadership) necessary to achieve results and increase well-being.

Training can be provided either individually or in groups and is always customized to the specific needs of each client. Whatever the choice, exercises and practical applications based on company data are included to strengthen learning.

If you want to know about upcoming courses, consult the calendar or contact us to receive a proposal designed to meet your requirements.

Strategy & Marketing

Business In Love

Business in Love

This course will teach you how to draw up an innovative and accurate marketing plan,
aimed at making your customers fall in love with your products/services

Effective And Conscious Communication

Effective and conscious communication

This course is dedicated to the main principles and the necessary tools to interact, cooperate and communicate with your customers, colleagues and team members.

Working At The Customer’s Service

Working at the customer’s service

This course will examine the tools designed to obtain
a punctual service and a long-term
relationship with the customer.

Commerce & Sales

Sales Ethics

Sales ethics

This course on commercial negotiation will help participants
become more efficient and consistent
with their values and those of their customers,
and focus on their relationships.

Pricing Strategy And Defense Of The Economic Value

Pricing strategy and defense of the economic value

The course will deal with the price setting strategy aimed at obtaining a correct positioning of the offer and a fair value remuneration.

Sales Management And Sales Department

Sales management and sales department

The course presents all the necessary elements
to set up a successful sales department,
manage the sales network and define the objectives
outlining the most effective way to achieve them.

Business Phone Calls And E-mails

Business phone calls and e-mails

The aim of this course is to train skills
and abilities in order to use phone calls
and e-mails to support business.

Recovering Debts And Maintaining Good Customer Relationships

Recovering debts and maintaining good customer relationships

At the end of the course participants
will be able to set up an effective
debt recovery action, both by phone and by e-mail.

Leadership, working in a team and personal growth

Working In A Team

Working in a team

Through this course you will learn how to best manage all the aspects related to interpersonal skills within a team and acquire the necessary skills to work efficiently with your colleagues towards shared goals.

Ethical Leadership

Ethical leadership

This course will teach you
how to become a real leader,
ethical and respectful of yourself and others.

Effective Time Management

Effective time management

This practical course will teach you
how to efficiently manage your work days
and workflow and those of your team.

Customized Training

Customized training

These events are dedicated to the development of specific skills as for example negotiating skills, public speaking skills or even the ability to work in teams.

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