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Passodue’s training paths are a product of our continuous research in Italy and US on the method of Sales ethics we have developed and applied to marketing, sales, leadership and, more generally, to the entire management of a company.

Each path is designed to develop both professional competences (strategies, procedures, methods) and human skills (relationships, communication, leadership) necessary to achieve results and increase well-being. Training can be provided either individually or in groups and is always customized to the specific needs of each client. Whatever the choice, exercises and practical applications based on company data are included to strengthen learning.

If you want to know about upcoming courses, consult the calendar or contact us to receive a proposal designed to meet your requirements.


Brand & Marketing Identity

Successful companies, like successful people, possess an identity that makes them immediately recognizable and unique. In the course we will help you to recognize and highlight your differential value through mission and vision, to structure your offer in the different channels and to choose the most appropriate tools to gain recognition.

Strategic and Operational Marketing

This is a marketing course that aims to tackle the topic by providing practical tools that can be used immediately in everyday activities. You will learn to choose the best competitive strategy and how to apply it successfully.

Price and Competition

The precise design of a price list based on your customers’ characteristics and your offer will help us to define a market position consistent with your company identity and objectives, ensuring market attractiveness and differentiating you from rival enterprises.

Customer satisfaction and customer service

All those working in contact with the customer, whatever their function in the company, play a fundamental role in generating lasting relationships and creating good references. The course provides all the customer service staff with the management and communication tools needed to transform any contact with the customer into value. After this course you will see increased customer loyalty and the ability of your staff to handle even the most difficult situations.


Techniques of sales and negotiation

Do you want to perfect your sales skills?

Is closing negotiations a challenge? Are objections a hurdle? Together we learn to listen, to identify customer needs and to present our offer in order to close the sale by handling any objections.

Present the price and defend the value

You will learn how to present the price of your products or services by transmitting the value of what you are selling. You will be able to handle any requests for a discount with confidence and to effectively overcome the objection ‘it costs too much’, thus obtaining positive sales results while preserving profit margins.

Effective sales management

Designed for those who already have sales experience and hold managerial or coordination roles.
We will deal with issues related to sales management from the economic (performance analysis, budgeting), procedural (planning, verification tools) and relational (leadership, team management) points of view. We will equip you with the most advanced tools to obtain maximum results from your team.

Credit recovery

We train you on the methods and application of the best techniques for negotiating recovery that enable you to collect the credit while preserving your relationship with the customer.


Effective leadership

How can you best manage a team to pursue company objectives and make the most of people’s talents?

You will learn to motivate your collaborators, helping them to express their talents and to accept responsibility. You will learn to delegate while ensuring respect for your values and your leadership style.

Working in a team

How do you ensure the best results when business goals require strong teamwork?

How can you integrate the different characteristics of each member of the group and combine them to create value? In this course you will learn how to communicate effectively with colleagues and bosses, increasing motivation, cohesion and focus.

Managing time and priorities

What is the best way to manage your days while juggling priorities and emergencies? How can you get the most from the limited time available?

We are going to organise our agenda by purposes, discerning between what is important and what is urgent. We’re going to develop a method to bypass obstacles that are keeping us from the goal.

Outdoor and experience-based training

We rediscover team spirit and strengthen cooperation through the metaphor of cooking, sport or an outdoor activity dedicated to personal growth. We value each participant’s contribution and reinforce the ability to achieve common goals. A great way to learn more about colleagues and collaborators in a different and fun context.

"Engaging the Heart in Business"

Engaging the Heart in Business:
A Revolutionary Market Approach Based On Love
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri


How To Sell Effectively While Doing The Right Thing
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri


Tell us about the specific demands your company needs to meet or the area in which you wish to grow. Write to us for more details about us or our classes!


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