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Customer Care

It’s called after-sales service, but in fact it’s one of the most important stages of commercial negotiations. Offering an appropriate level of customer service actually creates new business opportunities because it encourages customers to buy from you again, keeping them loyal and turning them into ambassadors of your products and services through positive word-of-mouth.

More and more companies owe their success to their attention to customer relationships over time, providing assistance especially when their customers need it the most, i.e. in case of problems or complaints. In the Sales Ethics method the after-sales service corresponds to Step 6, the most important one: the customer’s conditional confidence becomes real Confidence with a capital C and the client basically “falls in love” with you and with your company, helping to turn your business into a Business in Love. We have selected these articles to help you best manage this stage, reaping the benefits it can provide.

Follow us on this short journey to find out more about customer service.

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