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Passodue’s Manifesto

Ethics as a purpose

Achieve success by being yourself and respecting others

Bad news is all around us, frequently created to depict an intolerant, ruthless world in which we can only obtain results if we are crafty or behave selfishly. Whether that is true or not, at Passodue we decided to take a different path and to help clients, collaborators and anyone we meet while doing our job, to respect themselves and others, to invest in talent and ideas and to exchange value by acting with trust and responsibility. Because we are sure that, even if it is less newsworthy, ethical behaviour pays off and leads to lasting success based on well-being, on shared desires and on real bonds, cemented by the energy of positive emotions.

Our values are:


Be aware of your uniqueness and never stop learning


Welcome every experience as an opportunity for growth


Always look at the bright side


Good ideas create value for everyone and not only for those who generated them, therefore they need sharing and consensus


Simplicity as an expression of the most authentic beauty

“Championing a new way of doing business”

Ethics is not about ‘being good’. If ethics are to be strategically and pro-actively implemented to achieve concrete goals, it requires skill. That is why here at Passodue we have designed training courses and offer consultancy in sales, marketing, leadership and team work dynamics, expressly created to transform our participants into ‘champions of a new way of doing business’, i.e. people who through their results and their example can convince even the most cynical and ruthless that ethics and economics are not in conflict but actually support each other.

“The courage to change for the better"

Our method is the outcome of decades of experience in the business world, firstly as managers and entrepreneurs and later as consultants. It is also based on continuous independent research that has led us to collaborate with enlightened corporate leaders, visionary managers and professors and institutions in some of the most prestigious universities in the world, as well as with anyone who has the courage, passion and ideas to make positive changes in their own work and that of others. An endless commitment, that is undoubtedly demanding, but that has enabled us to publish books and articles in Italy and abroad, to garner invitations to speak at international conferences, and whose results we decided to spread through the pages of the blog  and events like

“Partem Claram Semper Aspice”

Our motto “Partem Claram Semper Aspice” (roughly translated as ‘always look on the bright side’) reminds us to experience everything we do with optimism, gratitude and a spirit of service. We are convinced that helping others to develop skills and abilities based on the integration of ethics and sales will help to make the markets more human and efficient and restore the joy of feeling part of a bigger purpose, searching for happiness to share with all those who want to take a step along the path towards a better world.

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