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We have been joined on “Diario di un Consulente” by:

Founders of Di Pasquale Guthmann, an innovative start-up with a social mission, and of the ThinkTank Conscious Luxury; members of GLEN (Global Luxury Expert Network) of the Luxury Institute di New York.

OSVALDO DANZI deals with the selection and dissemination of good practices to enhance the Human Resources area (as he calls them). He distinguishes his way of working by looking at People as a value and not as processes, responding to every application, guiding companies also through unconventional paths. He says of himself and his work “I want to convey to those who take care of People curiosity and attitude to human relations, patience in searching for the most hidden sides beyond the curriculum and appearances“.

MARY GENTILE – MARY C. GENTILE, Ph.D. consults on management education and values-driven leadership. In her ten-year tenure at Harvard Business School, she developed and taught the school’s first course on managing diversity, and helped design and taught its first required module on ethical decision-making. Currently she is director of the Giving Voice to Values curriculum and Professor of Practice at University of Virginia-Darden School of Business. Her articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, strategy+business, BizEd, CFO Magazine, and Risk Management, and she has written several books on ethics and diversity. She lives in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

GIOVANNA ROSSI – Until 4 years ago she didn’t know what triathlon was and she treated sport with the suspicion of those accustomed to only using their brain. She changed her mind after an operation that forced her to start over to avoid ending up in a wheelchair. Communication expert and mental coach, today she claims the obstacles can act as a springboard and that sport changed her life, teaching her things that she had never found in books. She describes it in her blog

MASSIMO FOLADOR – Founder of Askesis srl (, a company that deals with processes of cultural and organizational change in some of the most important Italian entrepreneurial realities, he is also a professor of Business Ethics at the Liuc (Carlo Cattaneo University). His parallel activity as a writer led him to publish for Guerini Next “The perfect organization” and “The work and the rule”, dedicated to the link between the history of Benedictine monasticism and the business world; “A possible company”, in which it deals with the themes of Business Ethics and their application in everyday work concreteness; “Stories of ordinary economy”: a tribute to those who every day, among the usual ups and downs, try to give meaning and direction to their work, cultivating for themselves and for others a better future.

GIORGIO MONDARDINIGIORGIO MONDARDINI – Musician and composer, he has worked in the social sector (information for young people), video (production, director, interviews), theatre (acting, stage music), promotion (tour manager), artistic management (for the Uruguayan artist Hector Ulises Passarella), teaching (theatre courses), event organization (art and performance festivals) as well as taking charge of the artistic direction for various entertainment and congress venues, including the multifunctional Teatro Verdi in Cesena. For more information

SERENA CALDERONISERENA CALDERONI – She has worked for a considerable period in company customer service. When describing herself and her work, she says, “I believe that people should be central; I also consider it essential to know yourself and your own methods of communication to establish successful relationships.” She has a Masters in NLP from Roberto Gavioli’s school where she works as an assistant and has followed personal growth paths at Attilio Piazza’s school. She collaborates with Passodue on subjects related to Conscious Communication, and offers paths of personal growth. You can contact her at

LUCA GIORGETTILUCA GIORGETTI – Pharmacist, teacher and holistic practitioner. President of ENPACO (National Association of Associate Counselors and Holistic Practitioners), author of the book “Enneagramma, i Nove abitanti della Terra” (Enneagram, the Nine inhabitants of the Earth) Macro Edizioni 2016. He educates people in well-being from both the individual level, to well-being in relationships and at work. For more information visit

MASSIMO FRANCESCHETTIMASSIMO FRANCESCHETTI – He is a communication consultant and lecturer at the Bologna Business School. A researcher and passionate scholar of human beings, his activities focus on the teaching of forms of communication and artistic expressions such as writing and theatre. Of his work he says, “My goal is to promote the knowledge of communication tools suited to human nature and capable of improving relationships.” To find out more about him, visit

MARCO LUCARELLIMARCO LUCARELLI – He is the new editor of the column Leggendo per il Diario. A degree in Communication and a Master in Business Administration at the MIP-Politecnico di Milano, Marco is married with three children and works in Milan in a multinational company. He is a member of the Order of Journalists of Lombardy and writes about management, technology and organizational change on the blog Letture per Manager as well as writing a column for

PAOLO CELLI e ELISABETTA CASALIPAOLO CELLI e ELISABETTA CASALI – are respectively the founder and partner of Centrale Etica, a consultancy company for non-profit organizations and public bodies. Paolo had many years of experience in marketing and sales in enterprise before moving in 2005 to the nonprofit sector where he has followed around 130 fundraising projects. For 10 years he has lectured with the University of Bologna for the Master in Fund Raising. Elisabetta has worked for twenty years in leading integrated communication agencies, involved specifically in strategy and planning. Many leading Italian and international companies feature among her clients. After completing her Master in Fundraising in 2010, during which she met Paolo Celli, she began her adventure as a partner in Centrale Etica.

ENRICA MAFFIENRICA MAFFI – Psychologist and psychotherapist with a systemic-relational approach, Enrica works in the field of individual, couple, family and child psychotherapy. Her book “Guida all’arrivo del primo figlio” (Guide to the Arrival of Your First Child) was published by Kimeya. She has contributed to the “Diario” with an article discussing how to reconcile work and private life. To discover more about Enrica visit her Facebook page.

FABIO PORNAROFABIO PORNARO – He is an experienced entrepreneur in brand identity and business strategies and owner of the Acrobatik agency based Trieste. His agency manages clients such as Illy, Moroso and Generali, studying their marketing approach and communication strategies. His style combines management culture and Italian creativity. For more information visit

LORENZO STABILELORENZO STABILE – Originally from Bologna, Lorenzo now resides in London where he makes full use of his Master in International & Online Journalism. He has recently decided to embark on an entrepreneurial venture called WeLikes, a start-up that manages social media and graphic design for London businesses. His passions for sports and writing combine in his blog

DOLORES CARNEMOLLADOLORES CARNEMOLLA – With more than 10 years of experience as a journalist, Dolores is well acquainted with the business world and business dynamics. She was awarded an MBA degree at the Alma Graduate School in Bologna. She works in the areas of art, culture and enterprise. The blend of humanistic and technical knowledge that merge in her profile enables her to identify ideas and solutions that are both specific, and at the same time creative. She is responsible for editing the LeggenDO sector of our Diario. Read more on the StudioDO website.

CANZIO PANZAVOLTACANZIO PANZAVOLTA – Management and business organization consultant. Strategic and Management Control Expert. For over 20 years Canzio has been contributing to the success of the leading enterprises in our area. He has collaborated with Diario di un Consulente by writing on the subjects of a business climate and the opposable mind. Find more information about Canzio by visiting his website

MARIO DE LIGUORIMARIO DE LIGUORI – Designer and Entrepreneur. His company Bottega Design models products and services with a strong strategic impact. When describing himself and his work, he says, “Here at Bottega we think big while we advance with small steps that lead unwaveringly towards building real value.” For Diario di un Consulente he wrote the post Forma è sostanza (Form is substance) which is the inspirational principle and slogan of his company.

MATTEO DI PASCALEMATTEO DI PASCALE –  He conceived and created the editorial project Intùiti Creative Cards. He has worked as an art director, designer and copywriter. He says he is creative, he loves Lord Byron, Thomas Mann, redingotes and provocations. For Diario di un Consulente he wrote the article Quando saper sognare fa pagare i conti (When knowing how to dream pays the bills), where he describes how he managed to fund his ideas on the web.

MONICA VITALIMONICA VITALI – She works in the areas of management control, accounting and consolidated financial statements at the Cambielli Edilfriuli Group in Milan. She has a Master in Public Relations and Business Communication awarded in Milan and has published many articles on business journals. She has collaborated with diario di un consulente by writing the articles La squadra invisibile (The Invisible Team) and Innamoratevi del lavoro (Fall in love with your job). You can contact her through her profilo Linkedin or her Blog

TARCISIO POLLINITARCISIO POLLINI – Is an emeritus executive director. As an expert in time and methods, organization and production management, his professional career advanced in both Italian and overseas companies. He has contributed to diario di un consulente with an article entitled Il Margine/Ora (Margin/Time) taken from the book of the same name available on line at You can contact Tarcisio by writing to

ANDREA CECCARONIANDREA CECCARONI – Is a designer at Bristol’s Crux Product Design Ltd. After graduating in Design, he specialized at the University of the West of England. His work ranges from design, to photography, to painting, and encompasses frequent digressions in multimedia and visual arts … The reason for so much variety? “I’m young and I still have to get to know myself better!” For diario di un consulente he examined the theme of Innovazione. E-mail

MARZIA MAZZIMARZIA MAZZI – Architect, teacher and environmental advisor for both companies and individuals. For many years she has been working in the field of design, investigating the deep dynamics that bind us to our environments. When speaking of herself and her job, she says, “It’s always thrilling to help my clients understand the role the environments in which they live and work plays on the quality of their future.” She contributed to our blog with You can tell a man by where he sits: the meeting room. You can contact Marzia Mazzi by visiting her website Spazioumano.

"Engaging the Heart in Business"

Engaging the Heart in Business:
A Revolutionary Market Approach Based On Love
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri


How To Sell Effectively While Doing The Right Thing
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri


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