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Sales Management

The Sales Department is central to all companies, whether large or small. The main objective is to ensure the achievement of results in terms of turnover, mainly through the definition of marketing and sales policies. The role of the Sales Manager plays an essential and unique part in this. Indeed, this figure is essential to the success of the company overall, because the Sales Manager is responsible for strategic activities such as drawing up the budgetlooking for new customers and markets, managing the sales team and optimizing customer care procedures.

Does this mean achieving success at any cost? No. Trust, good relationshipsprofessionalism and the ability to see things from different points of view, combine with passion and ethics to make a business successful.

Hence, the aim of the following articles is to help you adopt a different sales management style in order to improve results while respecting the profound values ​​that guide each one of us.

The Seller’s Suitcase

Let's find out together what would be really useful to make the “value of the offer” reach the client in the clearest and most convincing way.

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