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Collaborations and Partners

When you discover what you will be in your life, set out to do it as if God Almighty called you
at this particular moment in history to do it. Be the best of whatever you are.

Martin Luther King

External collaborations

Barbara Boschi

Expert in communication techniques, certified coach by IFG Management Paris, as well as theatre actress, she helps organisations increase their interpersonal and effective communication skills, helping entrepreneurs and managers to assert themselves with charisma and impact during corporate and team events. She looks after the French-speaking markets for Passodue.

Canzio Panzavolta

Over twenty years of experience in the field of corporate management, as a manager, consultant and trainer. He works with Passodue in the fields of strategy and business planningadministrationfinance and management control.

Federico Foli

Federico Foli has accumulated over 20 years of experience in leadership and culture building, education and business growth, making human capital a priority. He is the inventor of a method -called Businessatva- that helps companies transform workplaces into sustainable, productive, and positive environments.

He works with Passodue to help companies expand and grow in the North American market.

Gabriele Torcianti and Giovanna Rossi

Coachbusiness trainer and sport-therapist he, communication expert and empowerment her. Their mission is to train “fragile” athletes, turning limits and disabilities into evolutionary occasions. They adopt an approach based on an idea of well-being made up of training, mental training and nutrition, from which they derive excellent performance in sport, but also in life and in the company. For Passodue they organize outdoor and training experiences based on the metaphor of sport. To find out more visit the blog and the website

Luca Stoppioni

Luca Stoppioni

Graduated in Law and Linguistic Sciences, after gaining experience in the legal and commercial sector, he devotes himself full-time to training on communication issues. For Passodue, he deals with assertiveness, public speaking, persuasive communication, business writing and conflict management, with particular attention to cognitive, emotional and verbal components.

Massimo Franceschetti

ACC ICF trainer and coach, contract lecturer for the Bologna Business School of the University of Bologna, on the topics of leadershipcommunication in a working group and personal development. He has been working for more than 25 years with corporate schools, public institutions, but above all for and with people. With Passodue he collaborates on empathic and effective communicationchange management and personal evolution.

Mirella Facchinetti

Cosmopolitan by experience, I choose the human approach and am passionate about projects with a broad vision. I have developed business in European markets and in particular in Spain, Germany and Switzerland, working 14 years for Italian companies in the food & beverage sector. For me, selling is an act of love.

For Passodue, I take care of projects related to internationalisation, training and consultancy in the German and Spanish-speaking markets.

Natale Brescianini

A Benedictine monk, he obtained a Licentiate in Theology. He earned his master’s degree in “Monastic Studies” from the Pontifical Athenaeum of Saint Anselm in Rome and then a Master in Coaching. He currently lives in the hermitage of Monte Giove with a licence to explore the world of training and coaching aimed at the development of the person.

With Passodue he collaborates on projects concerning the relationship between business and spirituality, the dynamics that trigger a sense of community in a work team, and leadership based on the pursuit of the common good.

Riccardo Trevisani

Born as an architect when people still used to draw by hand; he grew up and died as a Strategic Designer and after a few years rose again as a Project Manager and Business Sherpa for a Milanese agency that dealt with communication, training and unconventional activities for marketing. He collaborates with Passodue on the themes of marketing and strategic management of commercial activities.

Trainerconsultant and corporate and social mediator. For over twenty years she has been working on issues related to the management of difficult relationships and conflicts in the corporatesocial and school environment. For several years she has been responsible for the Workfare project, which deals with issues related to counteracting malaise and increasing the well-being of the employee and the company. With Passodue he collaborates on issues related to difficult and conflictual relationships in the company.


Entrepreneur, trainer and philosopher, born in 1970. Born and raised in Bergamo.
Founder of the non-school NOVEVIE, associate professor at PASSODUE and commercial director of VEGA 1964.


Born from Cook Academy, a creative laboratory linked to the world of gastronomy, Expì is an agency that creates for its customers and their products real experiences that are transformed into communication and marketing actions.

SCR is a consulting company headquartered in Emilia Romagna and specialized in personnel selection, development and organization. SCR creates and implements customized business services with a focus on the individual in organizational contexts.

Marzia Mazzi’s website, who deals with workspaces design that creates wellbeing and increases sales.

A couple in life and partners at work. They deal with the invention of brands and the storytelling of the values they represent, through artistic projects and videos.

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