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When you discover what you will be in your life, set out to do it as if God Almighty called you at this particular moment in history to do it. Be the best of whatever you are.

Martin Luther King


A pharmacist, citizen of both Romagna and Finland, Giorgetti is author of the book “Enneagramma, i Nove abitanti della Terra” – MacroEdizioni. He provides counseling and consultancy on the Enneagram of Personality, a tool for the development of one’s potential and optimization of interpersonal relationships. He collaborates with Passodue on the themes of the enneagram applied to leadership and group dynamics.

Born as an architect when people still used to draw by hand; he grew up and died as a Strategic Designer and after a few years rose again as a Project Manager and Business Sherpa for a Milanese agency that dealt with communication, training and unconventional activities for marketing. He collaborates with Passodue on the themes of marketing and strategic management of commercial activities.

Expert in interpersonal, neurolinguistic and customer relationship communication. She has over 16 years of experience in companies in which she has been dealing with quality, sales and customer service. She collaborates steadily with Passodue on subjects related to competence development.

Over twenty years of experience in the field of corporate management, as a manager, consultant and trainer. He works with Passodue in the fields of strategy and business planning, administration, finance and management control.

He has a degree in Economics and Business Management and a post-graduate degree in Design Management Innovation at Ravensbourne University in London. After a period spent working and studying in Boston (USA), he came back to Europe where he now works in branding. He collaborates with Passodue on subjects related to Innovation and corporate identity.

Enrica Alessandri

Expert in the small restaurant industry and bar management. She collaborates with Passodue for projects regarding the restaurant industry to provide information about the organization of spaces, equipment, menu and staff management.


Cook Academy
Cook Academy is a creative workshop on gastronomy. It is the new reference point in the food and wine scenery, dedicated to both amateurs and experts of the gastronomy industry.

Marzia Mazzi’s website, who deals with workspaces design that creates wellbeing and increases sales.

A couple in life and partners at work. They deal with the invention of brands and the storytelling of the values they represent, through artistic projects and videos.

Farnedi ICT
A company that deals with Information Technology, whose work focuses on consultancy, system analysis, a SAAS provider of vertical applications and hosting services, development of web sites, web application and mobile programming.

SCR is a consulting company headquartered in Emilia Romagna and specialized in personnel selection, development and organization. SCR creates and implements customized business services with a focus on the individual in organizational contexts.

Consulting Firm that revolves around the charismatic figure of Massimo Folador, whose purpose is to support organizations in a path that sees ethics as a key element of business strategy and a key factor in achieving excellent results.

Its name is WeDoLab and it’s the creation of Annamaria Cofano and Lucia Casadei, two management consultants with several years’ experience in marketing and retail strategy planning. From the food sector to fashion and design, WeDoLab helps you optimize your local presence and organize all matters related to the distribution: from the layout of sales points to the strategy.

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