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We turn the principles of business ethics into business strategies.

Since 2012 we provide companies, organizations and professionals consultancies and training courses based on an original method of market approach that makes the principles of business ethics pratical and enforceable, allowing you to achieve good results without giving up your own values.

“Diario di un Consulente” Passodue's Blog

Consultancies and training courses

“Diario di un Consulente” Passodue's Blog

“Diario di un Consulente” is the blog edited by Passodue, where we tell stories about business ethicshappiness and success. Hundreds of articles dedicated to a wide range of topics concerning corporate life, that show how there is a different way of being on the market.

Consultancies and training courses

Our training consultancies, aimed at creating skills and abilities developing internal competence, and our consulting trainings, based on real cases and customized to the reality of participants, are the result of over 20 years’ experience and constant international research.

Training Courses

Consultancy services


We are organising the 2024 course calendar.
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Follow our Blog

Every month we publish articles and useful contents to help you maintain your  constant training on business ethics alive and active

Discover the free MyPassodue Area

Discover the free MyPassodue Area

The MyPassodue area is dedicated to in-depth analysis and will give you access, free of charge, to confidential material useful to continue your journey with us: videos, exercises, the newsletter archive, tests and in-depth analysis designed to improve your relationship with customers, employees and the market.

Discover our publications

Discover our publications

Passodue research on issues related to salesmarketing, etchics and the centrality of human beings within the market logic, officially started in 2011. The results derived from our work are described in the publications and in the books you can find in this section.

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Our method

Our job is to lead you, your team and your company to take the second step, precisely the Passodue, made up of method and strategyabilities and skills: precious tools to develop and train over time.

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 97.5% of clients satisfaction

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Increase in personal motivation
More consciousness about market strategies
Better relationship with colleagues and leaders
Better reputation and positive word-of-mouth

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