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Which are the characteristics of a true leader and how can you put into practice a fair, ethical and effective leadership style that produces benefits for you, your company and your team?

Talking about leadership necessarily involves discussion of the values and qualities we put at the service of others: a leader must promote creativity, motivate, ensure coherent growth for collaborators and her actions must provide a positive model that will inspire personal progress. Communication and interpersonal skills, associated with managerial skills and a broad vision – that allow her to set goals not only for herself, but for the company and its employees – are just some of the characteristics of a true leader.

Below is a selection of the best articles on the topic of ethical leadership that have appeared in ‘Diario di un consulente’;  we hope they will help you to discover and cultivate the qualities necessary to better manage both yourself and your team.

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"Engaging the Heart in Business"

Engaging the Heart in Business:
A Revolutionary Market Approach Based On Love
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri


How To Sell Effectively While Doing The Right Thing
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri


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