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A compass for 2021

The text of this article is taken from the best wishes message included in our now classic notebooks that once again this year we have proposed at Christmas time and has been enriched with boxes providing additional information on each key word, which can help you adopt a new approach for 2021.

A wake up call

We have contacted Carolina and Pietro, who are great experts of the world of luxury and of the market dynamics related to it, to ask their opinion about the future of this sector and, by extension, about the tastes and trends of post-coronavirus consumers.

The most beautiful gift you have ever received

What exactly is this emotional bond that we establish with some objects and what characteristics do they have that produces it? Try to remember the presents you have received which have, in some way, left a mark in your life. When you are thinking of finding the right gift, do it with the desire to choose something that can potentially change the person who will receive it.

The second step is always the hardest

by Alice Alessandri & Alberto Aleo We know you're used to hearing that the first step is the hardest - and not the second - but we want you to reconsider this cliché. When you’re about to start something new, whether it’s…


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