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The Enneagram in Business

Differently from the past, nowadays we have the possibility of “wearing” a job that fits perfectly with our true nature. But how can I succeed in my job? I cannot answer this question unless I know myself better. In this article Luca Giorgetti explains how thanks to the enneagram

On the way to the future: Italian holidays in 2020 as seen by a true professional

Gianluca Manuzzi is CEO and co-owner of Viaggi Manuzzi Srl  one of the top 5 travel agencies in Italy (source Sole24Ore). He also serves on the board of directors of Travel Specialist Srl, which is composed of 20 of the greatest business travel companies, with a cumulated turnover of more than €150 million. In addition, he is a member of the Welcome Travel tourism committee, which brings together more than 1,000 of the approximately 8,500 agencies operating in our country. Therefore we think Gianluca is the most qualified person to answer a number of questions about the tourism sector and to give us some advice on how to best manage a holiday in 2020. 

A wake up call

We have contacted Carolina and Pietro, who are great experts of the world of luxury and of the market dynamics related to it, to ask their opinion about the future of this sector and, by extension, about the tastes and trends of post-coronavirus consumers.

Just like a woman: when the strategy is feminine

from an interview with Alice Alessandri e Giovanna Rossi Have you noticed that things have changed when discussing marketing and business strategy? For years the primary metaphor used as a source of inspiration for the salesperson, for example, referred to military…

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