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What does being free within ourselves really mean and how can we reach this state? Is there a way to achieve freedom? We think there is, and we are going to explain it in 3 steps.

Tips for a successful job interview

When I interview potential employees I like to ask lots of questions. Here is a list of my favourite ones, and some tips on how to answer. They are very common job interview questions so I suggest you consider how to answer beforehand.

Organizing events? Here’s the advice of an expert

by Alberto Aleo e Giorgio Mondardini At a time in the market where companies are cutting promotion costs, there is a category of marketing tools that is showing growth, namely events. To find out more, we talked to Giorgio Mondardini, a person…

Personal Branding: creating your own image

by Alice Alessandri and Alberto Aleo If the world’s best universities today aim to train entrepreneurs rather than managers, there must be a reason. The future of our economies will increasingly be entrusted to individual initiative. Ideas connected with a…

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