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Four approaches to tackle 2024

Every January, social media, newspapers, blogs, and newsletters give advice on how to start the new year. We at Passodue also want to play a part in this tradition, and we will do so by outlining four approaches to tackle 2024, which, in our opinion, represent the main ways people behave in these cases.

Back to freedom

What does being free within ourselves really mean and how can we reach this state? Is there a way to achieve freedom? We think there is, and we are going to explain it in 3 steps.

Tips for a successful job interview

When I interview potential employees I like to ask lots of questions. Here is a list of my favourite ones, and some tips on how to answer. They are very common job interview questions so I suggest you consider how to answer beforehand.

Personal Branding: creating your own image

by Alice Alessandri and Alberto Aleo If the world’s best universities today aim to train entrepreneurs rather than managers, there must be a reason. The future of our economies will increasingly be entrusted to individual initiative. Ideas connected with a…

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