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Co-design through Design Thinking

Shared designing is one of the most rewarding – yet complex – experiences that a working team might have to deal with. The co-design method adopted by Passodue has its roots in design thinking and in the study of creative processes. Through a range of models, participants will be guided to express their creativity pursuing the set goals within an established time frame. Below are some hypothetical fields of application in which a co-design course may be useful.

Target audience

  • Company and inter-company working groups 
  • Public and private organizations and bodies

Estimated duration
The co-design course can be tailored to suit specific requirements and number of participants. Whether it be a one-day course or several meetings distributed over a wider period of time, with our method you will surely reach your goal.

Modes of delivery 

  • In-class meetings
  • On-line lessons
  • Blended learning (online metings alternated with operational meetings with the client)


Creation of new services for the public and private sector
Analysis of customer requests and elaboration of appropriate responses
Innovation paths involving multiple stakeholders
Launch of business plans and generation of business ideas
Focus groups aimed at searching specific solutions
Definition of shared objectives
Structured brainstorming
Need to guide heterogeneous groups towards common objectives
Overcoming internal diversity through shared creative actions
Conflict management promoting the shift from problem setting to problem solving

Course structure
Our co-design method involves several steps, each of which can be delivered at various levels of depth. Here is a description of the main ones:

  • analysis of the reference context and of the characteristics of the working group 
  • setting of the goal to be achieved and choice of output
  • setting of shared rules of engagement for the co-design activity 
  • analysis and comparison of the starting conditions and of the challenges to face (problem setting)
  • identification and classification of the most relevant planning problems (brief)
  • individual creative guided sessions
  • analysis and clustering of solutions (problem solving)
  • prioritisation of the most effective and feasible solutions
  • prototyping of the solution and verification of approximate feasibility
  • creation of final output 

Our approach consists in a training consultancy that helps participants develop skills and abilities.

Expected results

Taking part in a co-design course with Passodue is an experience that allows participants to learn a useful method to reduce the complexity of problems any time they may need it. The final result is therefore not only the identification of the best solutions to the planning problem proposed, but the development of a specific competence that increases their professional knowledge and shared know-how. The creation and increase of cohesion within the working group are positive side effects.

Team of trainers
All Passodue trainers have years of corporate experience, as consultants or entrepreneurs. The techniques explained are the result of constant research and innovation. The consultants active in this field are Alice AlessandriAlberto Aleo and Luca Giorgetti.


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