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Alice Alessandri Alberto Aleo

Individual projects

One-to-one consultancies focused on discovering customers’ areas of improvement and on extending personal skills and resources. Below is a list of possible topics that can be developed according to the clients’ specific personal requirements.

Target audience

  • Professionals
  • Managers and entrepreneurs

Modes of delivery

  • In-class meetings
  • Online lessons
  • Blended learning (online training and assessment meetings)

Estimated duration
Individual projects are customised to satisfy the client’s specific objectives, which are identified during a preliminary interview. Each single meeting lasts 90 minutes; for significant results we usually advise a minimum of 5 meetings.

Course contents 

Dealing with change and developing flexibility
Optimizing time managements and operativity
Overcoming insecurities and developing assertiveness
Making communication more effective
Managing stress
Defining clear personal and professional objectives
Improving relationships with collaborators
Finding a personal leadership style
Overcoming the fear of public speaking
Managing conflicts

Project structure
The approach proposed is a training consultancy that will help the customers develop skills and abilities which will lead them to improve their operativity. Between one meeting and the next the coach will assign behavioural tasks aimed at settling the tools.

Expected results
Achievement of the personal objectives covered by the consultancy and development of new operational tools.

Team of trainers
All Passodue trainers have years of corporate experience as consultants, managers or entrepreneurs. The techniques explained are the result of constant research and innovation. The consultant active in this field is Serena Calderoni, certified professional coach.

How much does training with Passodue cost?

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