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Creating a business contact management service

Our consultants will lead the company to the creation and the development of an internal office dedicated to remote customer management (by phone, e-mail, chat) aimed both at offering a personalized service and at finding new commercial opportunities in inbound and outbound

Expected duration
The times indicated below are approximate. The actual duration will be defined after a number of preliminary meetings with the client and will depend on several factors such as the level of commercial competence, the available data, the size and complexity of the business etc…

Target audience

  • SMEs and organizations that want to sell their products/services directly or wish to support their sales network through a contact action on the customer.
  • This training project is useful also for those who wish to set up a pre- and post-sales customer care service.


  • Small businesses
  • Medium-large companies

Modes of delivery 

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Online lessons
  • Blended learning (online meetings alternated with operational meetings with the client)

Course contents 

Small businessesMedium-Large companies
Durationapprox. 2 monthsapprox. 3 months
Analysis of the service to be pro-vided and of the objectives to be achieved
Analysis of the current customer contact procedure
Identification of strengths/weaknesses of the cur-rent contact procedure
Study of key topics of the offer to be used during the contact pro-cedure
Creating an effective and uniform script
Identification of strategies to over-come objections and manage complaints
Setting up a database to collect data and monitor activities
Setting up the contact manage-ment office structure, identifying roles and working method
Training of customer relation staff in terms of communicative skills
Coaching during first contact pro-cedures and creation of individual plans of improvement
Management of agendas shared with sales network
Identification of follow-up and call back strategies

Project structure
What we at Passodue do is collaborating with the client in order to build internal competence within the company, so that it becomes autonomous in the subsequent developments of the activities dedicated to the contact with potential clients and care of current customers. We could define this approach as a training consultancy. For this reason the client needs to nominate a contact person who will be responsible for collecting data and developing tools and who will be in control of every activity guided by our consultants for the whole duration of the project.

Expected results
The development of internal competence related to remote customer management (of potential and current clients), aimed at supporting sales network results and at achieving full customer satisfaction.

Team of trainers
Alberto Aleo, Alice Alessandri, Serena Calderoni.

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