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Structured brainstorming: making best use of collective intelligence

Men are social animals, which means that their survival and evolution are linked to their ability to connect with others, making the most of shared skills, creativity and ideas . However, putting heads together to create a powerful brain capable of producing shared value is not always easy: this is why it is advisable to resort to methods and tools that can help us. We will describe a few in this article.

Punctuality as a choice: maintaining elegant and efficient relationships

While walking in the streets of Milan we came across an advertising poster of a well-known tailoring company, which said “A gentleman knows the value of time”. This expression made us think about an important issue: the value of punctuality. This healthy but often neglected habit, which Calvino described as necessary to social order, not only has the power of making our days more productive, but it can also add respect and elegance to our  relationships. Here are some tips to learn how to be punctual and some of the resulting advantages.

(Professional) Holiday etiquette tips

The Christmas holidays are approaching quickly and many of us will spend them at home with their loved ones. Holidays are made not only for spending more time with our dear ones, but also for relaxing and restoring our energies, therefore it is very important to make the most of them. As always quality lies in the details and this is what we are going to discuss in the following paragraphs: we’ll try and analyse the little attentions that can turn Christmas into a real present both for ourselves and for those around us.

The vindication of the (true) outsiders

Who are the (real) outsiders? We are wary of imitations and learn to recognize them through their ability to lead others, to give, to generate culture and paying close attention to gestures and words.

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