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Alice Alessandri Alberto Aleo

Business in Love
a new approach to marketing

This course will teach you how to draw up an innovative and accurate marketing plan, aimed at making your customers fall in love with your products/services.

Target audience

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing managers
  • Start-up companies


  • Single-company  (dedicated to individual companies)
  • Inter-company  (open to multiple companies and individuals)

Modes of delivery 

  • In-class meetings
  • Online lessons
  • Blended learning (online training and assessment meetings)

Course contents 

Comprehensive Compact Reduced
DURATION in hours322416
The dynamics of modern markets and the new approach to marketing
Stakeholder theory and principles of business ethics
From marketing mix to love mix
The Loving Business Model
Giving personality and identity to your business: a new way of doing branding
From objectives to goals: defining captivating and inspiring mission and vision statements
Building the offer system and its intangible elements
Beyond traditional profiling: customer analysis based on motivations
Designing customer experience: the customer journey
From competition to cooperation: a new way of interpreting the relationship with competitors
Value-based positioning strategies
Consistent communication and interaction within the

Course structure
The course can be structured in either 8-hour full days or 4-hour half days. The interval between lessons goes from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 30 days, according to specific needs. Between one meeting and the next, participants will be assigned tasks and exercises in order to experience what they have learnt and to engage with the teachers during assessment. The basic principle underlying Passodue training courses is that of training to actionthe exercises and case studies discussed in the classroom will be taken from participants’ real lives so that, in addition to their training, they can obtain advice immediately applicable to their roles.

Number of participants

  • Max 20 (inter-company)
  • Max 15 (single company)
  • Max 10 (web)

Expected results
After the comprehensive course participants are expected to be able to autonomously set up the main elements of a marketing plan, by applying the tools they learnt during the course. The compact course aims to re-establish the idea of traditional marketing and to present the main tools necessary to draw up a marketing plan, so that the participants can use them in an innovative way. The objective of the compact course is to introduce the distinctive themes of the marketing approach based on the Loving Business Model and to offer participants moments of reflection and analysis on some specific elements, leading them to a radical change of perspective.

Team of trainers
All Passodue trainers have years of corporate experience as consultants, managers or entrepreneurs. The techniques explained are the result of constant research and innovation. The consultants active in this field are Alberto Aleo, Riccardo Urso, Natale Brescianini and Canzio Panzavolta.

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