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An Information Sciences graduate, now a consultant and professional trainer, I am an example of someone who can be described as an “unusual IT expert” because I immediately prioritise the design of the interface with the user, developing a great passion for the interpersonal communication sector.

I was a founding member and manager of a company dealing with Marketing & Sales, gaining lots of experience in the field of Contact Management and Identity Marketing. At Passodue, I deal with analysis and design, coordinating the training and consulting department regarding issues of effective communication and customer service, sales techniques, teamwork and ethical leadership.

Years of study and more than ten years’ experience as an entrepreneur have given me a reliable working methodology and have laid the foundations for creating the ethical sales approach on which Alberto and I base all our work.

My career is an example of how interpersonal communication and information technology are compatible concepts, as are profit and ethics and professional success and happiness. And it is from these hybrid concepts that the method and style of negotiation that I teach in the classroom comes to life.


I started my training course at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Palermo, obtaining a degree which was then followed by a Master’s in Strategic Design at the MIP in Milan, an experience which led me towards the marketing and management world. I went on to achieve a second degree in Business Economics and Management in Bologna.

In the meantime, my managerial career took off and lasted more than a decade, during which I played the role of both marketing manager and sales manager for well-known Italian companies.

The big turning point came in 2011 when the Passodue project came to life. Together with my wife Alice, it allowed me to use all the skills I had learned to help those who were launching a business to ramp up their goals, through training and consulting courses, in order to combine skills and competencies, passion and result.

Looking back, I realise that the path I have taken is full of unconventional choices, but in the end, it allowed me to become what I had always dreamed of: an “architect” of relationships between clients and companies, commercial strategies and markets.


In 2011, we combined ideas and experiences to make a change to our personal and professional lives by carrying out the Passodue consulting and training study, thus completing – in real life and together – our second step. An ambitious and unconventional project, built on the idea of changing the mindset of the market with respect to the concept of “sales”, proving that selling ethically can be and absolutely is more effective.

Right from the very beginning we have focused on promoting a more human business culture which puts the person back in the spotlight, often going to the USA to discuss the issues of Business Ethics with some of the top thinkers in this discipline, disseminating the idea of Sales Ethics through the blog and at the same time working to build training and consulting courses which help our customers to take their next step. That evolutionary change leads to seeing sales and market activity as an exchange of value, thus taking control of one’s own well-being and that of the whole society.

In 2013, the book “The Sales Ethics” (Selling Ethically) was published both in Italy and in the United States and for some years we also supported the activities of Passodue as lecturers, participating as speakers at international conferences such as the Global Business Ethics Symposium in Copenhagen and Boston, the IABS Conference in Salt Lake City and Amsterdam and the Positive Economy Forum in Rimini. Our approach has been acknowledged in various publications, such as Corriere della Sera and Il Resto del Carlino, Vanity Fair and many others. has been nominated several times for the international Best Sales Blogger Award and in 2017 reached almost 100,000 readers.

Thanks to all this, Passodue now has among its customers leading companies which have understood the strategic value of ethics as a tool for excelling in modern markets.

These encouraging results are the impetus which spurs us on every day to commit ourselves to creating, together with our customers and partners, a conscious, responsible and respectful economy.

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